How To Make Tofu Cripsy

June 07, 2020

How to make tofu crispy

"Everybody has their own way of making tofu crispy, and some are more complicated than others. I have been cooking with tofu for a while now, and find that the best way to make it crispy, is actually very easy and strightforward."

How To Make Tofu Crispy

Remember tofu is a sponge so it soaks up a lot of other flavours that it comes into contact with. I have found that marinading tofu before cooking it has never really worked for me. So I choose not to, and rather use other accompaniments to complement the dish.


  • 1 block of firm tofu. It has to be firm, not silken.
  • Desired spice if needed, this cold be seasoning, curry powder, nutritional yeast, anything you desire. Or you can omit this completely if you are using the tofu in something like a thai curry or dish with lots of sauce.
  • 2 x tablespoons of olive oil


  • Remove tofu from packaging. Slice it lengthways into 4 long strips.
  • Place the tofu on a kitchen towel or cloth. Cover with another piece of paper and place something heavy, like a plate or dish ontop of it to press the water from it.
  • Let sit for 30 minutes to remove the excess water. If the kitchen towel or cloth gets too wet, repalce with another halfway through.
  • Its important to press the tofu to remove the water, else when you fry it, it become wet over the oil and may not work as nicely.
  • 30 minutes later, you can then cut your tofu into smaller bite sizes blocks.
  • Optional: Toss your tofu in your desired spice.
  • Over medium - high heat, in a non stick frying pan, throw in your oil and 1 minute later, add the tofu.
  • I recommend a higher heat to make the tofu crispy, so let it sizzle away until you see it start to become golden. With a flat utensil, flip the tofu over and cook each of the other sides. If you find your oil evaporating, throw in some more.
  • Cook the sides of the tofu, until each becomes a delcious golden brown colour. I usually just do this by eyeballing, as you will see it start to firm up and change colour as you fry it. Tofu is quite versatile and steardy, so over-cooking it is not too common.
  • And thats it done! When you reach your desired crispiness, remove from the heat and throw it into your favourite dish, or serve with a dipping sauce like peanut satay or sweet chilli sauce.

Crispy tofu has never been so easy

Crispy tofu has never been as easy as this