Wulf And Lamb Vegan Restaurant Review

May 25, 2020

Wulf And Lamb Vegan restaurant - review

"As a chic, eclectic vegan restaurant in the heart of Chelsea, Wulf and Lamb is just too good an restaurant to merely pass by."

On a warm spring evening, my husband and I went to dine at Wulf and Lamb. It’s one of those restaurants that I’ve always wanted to visit, and really not hard for any vegan to see why. As a chic, eclectic vegan restaurant in the heart of Chelsea is just too good an restaurant to merely pass by.

The split level restaurant is small and cosy, with a much better ambiance upstairs than down. On arrival, I was surprised to discover that you had to order all your food and drink at the kitchen bar downstairs, like a fast food joint.

The menu at Wulf and Lamb is small but satisfying. There are seven main dishes to choose from, (two of which being burgers) and a small section of pizzas. Their wine selection is also small (also vegan) and myself and my husband opted for a delicious Chilean red to start.

Although we had to order at the bar, table service meant waiters brought our wine. Service was fast, friendly and efficient. The lady that served us was really lovely and made us feel right at home.

We both opted for the burgers, mine being the spicy veg burger, and my husband the Wulf burger.

Wulf and lamb burger- Food Image

Both delicious and gourmet. The dishes came with sauerkraut, ketchup and four wedges, two potato wedges and two sweet potato. A bit stingy, though I would have happily paid more for more had we not also ordered a side of kale.

All in all, a lovely little spot that I would happily visit again. For a restaurant in Chelsea, the pricing really wasn’t bad, the food delicious and the service fast, friendly and reliable.

Wulf and lamb kale- Food Image

Wulf and lamb vegan