The Sea Shepherd Vegan Navy

May 22, 2020

The Sea Shepherd Vegan Navy

"The Sea Shepherd runs the largest private navy in the world."

The Sea Shepherd runs the largest private navy in the world. Their mission is to conserve and protect our oceans and engage in direct action campaigns to defend all creatures in it from illegal exploitation. They investigate when laws meant to protect our oceans and marine wildlife are not enforced and work with law enforcement to expose, confront and stop illegal activities.

The Sea Shepherd are proud to announce that the food served on their ships is now all entirely vegan. As an ocean conservation group they know how the fish, meat and dairy industry have caused massive dead-zones on land as well as in the oceans. Furthermore, large scale factory farming is polluting the oceans with run off and waste.

What’s even more horrific is that wild fish are being used to feed farm animal’s making the meat industry the biggest consumer of ocean wildlife on earth! Cows, chickens, and pigs are the biggest aquatic consumer and gas pollution, particularly from cattle farms, has driven up the ocean acidity levels, leaving defenceless marine life and coral bleached and dead.

This is exactly why the people manning the Sea Shepherd’s ships are now eating vegan. The chefs on board work incredibly hard to make three delicious plant-based meals daily to keep the ship’s crew fit, healthy and happy.

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That being said, not everyone on board is a vegan, but everyone eats vegan when on board.

The Sea Shepherd was established in 1977 by Paul Watson who was one of the original members of Greenpeace. Since then, it’s become an unstoppable global movement with independent groups in over 20 countries worldwide.

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The organisation depends on volunteers, donations and sales of their merchandise to keep afloat, so any help that can be given is very welcome.

Find out more about their noble, inspiring work by visiting their website

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Note: All images taken from the Sea Shepherd Website

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