Sainsbuy's Goes Plastic Free

May 01, 2019

Sainsburys Supermarket going plastic free

"Sainsbury’s Supermarkets have made a significant commitment to reduce plastic in their stores and pledge to halve their usage by 2025."

Currently they use 120,000 tonnes of plastic yearly and have only managed to reduce the amount used by 1% in the past year.

With this in mind, its not surprise that reducing their plastic usage by half is a very ambitious target.

However they have committed to achieving their lofty aims and the first step is to introduce some quick wins in their stores, and the first step has been made in the fruit and vegetable department.

They have removed all plastic from these isles and are will be doing the same in their bakery section. Sainsbury’s project this will save a combine 515 tonnes of plastic each year.

Initially, Sainsbury’s trailed plastic free vegetable packaging in their Lincoln and Kidlngton stores. With massive success rates and positive reviews from customers, they are now rolling this out across all their outlets in the UK.

When customers shop for fruit and veg, they can purchase reusable drawstring bags (at £0.30 each) or bring their own reusable bags from home.

In the bakery section, Sainsbury’s will be replacing all plastic with recycled paper bags, which have the added benefit of keeping baked good fresher for longer. Doing this alone will save 26 tonnes of plastic each year.

And this is just the beginning…

Sainsbury’s ambitious plans include removing plastic bag options from online grocery orders, plastic trays from cheese displays, and are also reaching out to the public for ideas which can be submitted online.

They will also be trailing a pre-cycling operation across 15 stores in England and Wales, allowing customers to recycle their plastic packaging before they leave the store.

It’s great to see a major retailer take a very real step to reducing plastic waste, let’s hope they keep this up, and the rest of the retail giants follow!

Sainsbury's goes plastic free in an attempt to recuce plastic waste

Sainsburys superstores remove plastic