The Official Animal Rights March

August 17, 2019

The Official Animal Rights March

"What do we want? Animal Liberation! When do we want it? Now"

Led by Surge and Heartcure, the march assembled at 12pm from Hyde Park, made its way through the streets of Piccadilly with an impressive blockade at Trafalgar Square, and continued on to end at Parliament Square.

People travelled near and far to attend the march, some flew in from parts of Europe as others journeyed in from Scotland, Wales, and even South Africa.

With colourful placards and colourful people supporting animal welfare and cruelty-free living, what a truly inspirational day. As the crowd made their way through the busy streets of Piccadilly, onlookers took pictures and videos, and some steakhouses really got the brunt of noisy vegans waving the posters (peacefully) in front of their restaurants.

As they marched on by toward Trafalgar Square, the crowd chanted ‘What do we want? – Animal Liberation’, ‘when do we want it? – now!’

With approx. 56 billion animals murdered each year by the animal agriculture industry, lets hope this very powerful message of animal liberation touched a nerve or two with those omnivores.

Animal Rights image