Mildreds Vegan Restaurant Review

May 25, 2020

Mildreds Vegan restaurant - review

"On a sunny spring day myself and my husband decided to visit the trendy Camden Market, in search of delicious Vegan food."

I love Camden, the vibe is electric and the diverse range of people, places and food means there’s something for everyone. On this particular Saturday, the market was just too busy to stomach so we decided to visit Mildred’s Vegetarian Restaurant instead.

Mildred’s in Camden is a stone’s throw away for the central market. Light and airy, this particular establishment, in my view, is more welcoming that their Soho restaurant and much more spacious.

Everything on the Mildred’s menu makes you want to eat it, and with both vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, it’s a great place, particularly for meaters to trial non-meat food.

All the dishes as Mildred’s Camden are by default vegan, unless stipulated as vegetarian. We ended up both ordering burgers with a side of fries.

My vegan chick’n burger, served with lettuce, gherkin and onion on a charcoal brioche bun was to die for. It’s the first time I’ve tried a charcoal bun and was surprised at how delicious it was. The chick’n, likely made from some form of seitan was coated in a spicy marinade, producing a very similar texture to that of real chicken.

Mildreds Burger- Food Image

My husband had the haloumi burger with char grilled aubergine, tomato tahini, harissa and rocket, served on a flatbread bun. Delicious, in fact the best vegetarian burger he has ever had, or so he said.

Mildreds Veg Burger- Food Image

Not just the food, but the staff were friendly, attentive and very much on point with everything we ordered.

I would definitely recommend Mildred’s in Camden to anyone looking for an informal, delicious plant based meal.

Mildreds Burgers

How it stacks up:

At the time of writing this article, I have only been to two other vegan restaurants, namely The Gate in Marylebone and Wulf and Lamb in Chelsea:

Mildred’s vs. The Gate restaurants: Both very good and in my view, not comparable. Food at both establishments is delicious, but the Gate has a much more formal, eloquent feel to it. I would recommend Mildred’s for an informal lunch or dinner, and The Gate for more of a fancy occasion.

Mildred’s vs. Wulf and Lamb: Again, both great places to visit and slightly more comparable as the dishes served are similar in nature and price. I must say I personally preferred the food at Mildred’s in Camden over Wulf and Lamb, but that’s not to say Wulf and Lamb was bad either.

Mildreds vegan