Fry's Saves Lives

May 25, 2019

Fry's saves animal lives

"South African vegan food brand, The Fry Family Food Co. is said to have saved over 3 million animals last year due to the success of their vegan product range."

The whole idea behind Fry’s was to make plant-based products that were not only cruelty free but delicious and nutritious as well. Established in 1991 the Fry’s brand has grown from strength to strength and now supplies major UK outlets such as Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Holland and Barrett.

Fry’s products are made from a blend of vegetable proteins that come from grains and legumes, and they use natural flavours and spices to achieve that meaty taste.

Their products include chicken style strips, battered prawn-style pieces, golden crumbed schnitzels, meat free mince, vegan pies, spicy burgers and even vegan hot dogs.

In 2018, it’s estimated that Fry’s customers have saved approx. 3.6 million animals including 600,000+ chickens, 11,000+ cows, 10,000+ pigs and 3,000,000 prawns.

The fry’s business remains a family venture now in its second generation, and their meat alternatives are certified Halaal, Kosher and Shudda in the UK.

Vegan Food - Fry's Image 1

Vegan Food - Fry's Image 2

Images taken from the Fry's Facebook page for the purpose of this artlce, and represent Fry's Food only

Fry's saves millions of animals lives