Beyond Meat Goes Beyond

May 17, 2020

Beyond Meat Goes Beyond

"Beyond Meat believe there’s a better way to feed the planet than with animal protein. Their plant-based meat substitutes create solutions for growing global issues such as animal welfare, climate change and constraints on natural resources."

In fact, a Beyond Meat burger uses 99% less water, 93% less land and 46% less energy according to a peer reviewed life cycle analysis.

Meat is made up of four basic elements, protein, fat, trace materials and water. Beyond Meat extract these same elements from plants to rebuild meat from the ground up, without the animal cruelty associated with beef production. The primary source of protein in their products come from peas, which means they are all soy, gluten and GMO free.

Their repertoire currently consists of the Beyond Meat Burger, meat-free sausages and two meat-free mince variations.

The Beyond Meat burger specifically has caused quite the scandal in the market as the burgers are designed to ‘bleed’, just like beef. They add beets to their burger patties which gives them a reddish appearance and has led some to remark they appear as though they’re bleeding.

These burgers really do look, cook, taste and behave just like Beef burgers. Developed over seven years Beyond Meat have worked to understand meat and what consumers want from it. Then, they took those leanings to rebuild that same sensory experience using plants.

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The Beyond Burger is now available in over 15,000 retail meat cases, restaurants and hotels. At grocery stores, you can find Beyond Meat products in the meat section.

They believe this helps people on their journey to eat more vegan by placing their products in areas where they would generally purchase animal protein.

If you are a vegan, or ready to become a vegan or vegetarian, why not give these burgers a go? You most certainly won’t be disappointed, especially when they have been given such roaring reviews.

‘Ok, literally sign me up’ (Buzzfeed)

‘Beyond meat certainly defied market expectations.’ (Fast Company)

‘You’ve gotta throw this bad boy on the grill.’ (Today)

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