Best Vegan Ramen At Shoryu Ramen

Sept 08, 2019

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"Hands down the best vegan ramen in London is found in a small, unassuming restaurant in Soho"

Whilst protesting in the Official Animal Rights March in London and ducking off quickly to get some food, a small unassuming Japanese restaurant was found in a slightly hidden corner of Soho.

Shoryu Ramen, makers of fine Japanese cuisine happily opened their doors to welcome a vegan and vegetarian into their establishment. Now veggies, this is not a vegan restaurant. In fact they only had a few vegetarian options and only two vegan main dishes on their menu!

But as we were in a hurry (and me very much in the mood for Japanese - as always) this was the closest restaurant we could find en route.

We decided to try the starter of Atsuage Fried Tofu with teriyaki sauce and wow, delicious. Two larger than average sized portions of grilled and fried tofu with the most delicious vegan teriyaki sauce were presented within minutes of order.

Atsuage Fried Tofu with teriyaki sauce - Shoryu Ramen

Likely one of the best tofu delights I have ever had and I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

Next came mains. I ordered the spicy vegetarian (vegan) ramen with natural broth, spice miso sauce, tofu, tender broccoli and garlic mayu with medium noodles. My vegetarian partner had the Bao buns with haloumi, avocado, hirata sauce and Japanese style mayo. Will most certainly be coming back, likely for the same thing again

I absolutely love vegan noodle soup/ ramen, its my favourite meal of all time and can honestly say I was blown away by the intracacies of this dish. The flavours were mouth wateringly delicious and perfectly balanced, with every mouthful becoming more so. The noodle to veg to broth ratio was perfect, and my expectations were exceeded.

Delcious Spicy Vegan Ramen - Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen image