Animal Activist Regan Russell Killed

June 21, 2020

Fry's saves animal lives

"A vegan activist, Regan Russell was killed by a truck driver transporting pigs on their way to slaughter at the Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse in Ontario."

he driver didn’t stop. The 65 year old was part of the Animal Save Movement, an activist group that witnesses and documents the suffering of animals.

Regan’s death came just two days after the controversial agriculture gag law was passed in Ontario. The bill makes it illegal to interact with farm animals in a transport truck, in an attempt to cover up the cruelty involved within the animal agriculture industry. Transporting these poor animals in hot, overcrowded trucks before slitting their throats at the other end is downright disgusting and something the government doesn’t want the general public to bear witness to. Many activists try expose this cruelty by approaching these vehicles and filming the horrors within them, as well as trying to provide these overwhelmed and overheated souls water on their way to slaughter.

Regan Russell was known as a kind, loving and elegant person who was a great mentor to others, and practised activism with kindness in her heart.

Roughly ten thousand pigs are slaughtered each day at Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse, and activists have asked the CEO of Fearman’s, Michael Latifi if he will release the pigs that were on the transport truck that killed her, to an animal sanctuary as a sign of compassion and respect.

If you would like to help, take action by emailing Michael Latifi, CEO of Fearmans at, to ask him to release these poor pigs in honour of her memory.

Another way to honour Regan Russell’s memory would be to go vegan (if you are not) and to also encourage others to choose a vegan lifestyle. Opening more human eyes to the suffarage of animals within the animal agriculture industry is a sure but steady way to change people’s behaviour overall

Regan Russell With Placard

Regan Russell