If you're a vegetarian - go! If you're a vegan - go! If you like food - go! Mildreds is your vegan home from home.

Mildred’s is one of London’s oldest and favorite Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Chains in London. The Mildred’s concept was established way back in 1988 as the owner’s set up their first shop in Soho. Armed with the confidence of youth the founders of Mildreds took the lease on a small café that had previously been a sex club. Back then, 60s porn baron landlords would come collect their rent in person, usually with a glammed up blonde or brunette in tow. The word on the street back then was that Mildered would last 6 months, but despite that the vegan cafe soon became a popular fixture in Soho.

Mildred’s provide colorful, fresh and inventive vegan and vegetarian dishes. Fast forward to today at Mildred’s, you can feast on mouth-watering curries, sizzling tofu, delicious mushroom pies, tantalizing vegan desserts and more delicious delicacies.

With restaurants in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston, Mildred’s continues to expand today, and always impress with perfect cruelty-free cuisine.

For a delicious dining experience thats cruelty-free as well, visit Mildred’s today.

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