Kiss my Grass is a vegan restaurant redefining vegan food. Their menu doesn’t include any meat substitutes or meaty copycats, they believe the hero of the dish should always be the veg.

For Kiss My grass, innovation doesn’t stop at food and they’re constantly thinking of new ways to improve their offering, from using recycled plastics to producing eco-friendly take away packaging. They have also banned the use of single use coffee mugs and cups.

They don’t judge, and welcome meat eaters, vegans, veggies, and flexitarians to visit, chill out and tuck into their delicious meals.

Their quirky menu is fun and fresh, and includes wonderful vegan delights with amusing naming conventions. Their ‘Don’t want no spuds’ contains sweet corn, potato fritters and pan fried lettuce, all drizzled with soy sauce and sweet Masala dressing. Their ‘Gnocchi on heaven’s door’ aims to please with freshly made gnocchi, pan fried exotic mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and their brunch option of ‘Murder She Oat’ with cinnamon, cardamom and fennel granola is simply to die for!

What’s more at the weekend they offer bottomless prosecco for 1.5 hours.

Kiss My Grass also offer some delicious vegan desserts such as their vegan peanut butter brownie, fig and date bread, banana bread and cinnamon ring cake.

Be sure to get on down to their wonderful establishment, situated on Lillie Road in South West London, they are open Wednesday to Sunday.

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