Welcome to Jake’s Vegan Steaks, and all vegan street food company that specialise in delicious, mouth-watering and scrumptious Philadelphia style vegan cheezesteaks that are cruelty-free and totally plant-based.

All of the steaks made at Jakes are handmade, cooked to order and dressed in delicious saucy toppings. Their menu was developed in 2016 and has undergone many improvements to create the delicious vegan steaks that are today on offer.

Jakes Vegan Steaks aims to promote plant based living, whilst offering customers delicious and innovative meals that appeal to vegans and meat eaters alike. Their steaks have been carefully designed to break down the barriers of even the most discerning sceptic, and provide mouthfuls of tasty delights.

Jakes Vegan Steaks come in all shapes and sizes, some of the dishes include the Philly Cheezesteak made with BBQ seitan, roasted peppers, sweet mustard, caramelised onions, cheeze sauce and ‘Mayo’ all served on a sub roll. They also have a Philly No Cheeze, which is the same, without the cheeze.

The Hot Supreme includes cheezesteak, chillies, hot sauce and mustard all on a vegan sub roll. For those mushroom fans, Jakes Vegan Steak offers a Fungi n Truffle dish of cheezesteak, garlic and thyme mushrooms, white truffle oil and béarnaise sauce.

Jakes also provides breakfast sarnies, breakfast fry ups and a range of BBQ, Cheeze, Thyme and Gravy Fries.

Jakes Vegan Steaks operates from the Victoria Market on Sunday’s and have a takeaway shop in Highbury.

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