Welcome to Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Soho, Govinda’s is proud to be part of the Hare Krishna movement. Hare Krishna is a Hindu belief system intertwined with spirituality and love. They believe that food absorbs the consciousness of the cook and that chanting the names of god is a powerful method of worship. They also never sample their food whilst cooking it, as it must be offered to Krishna first.

Food is such a prominent part of the Hare Krishna movement that people even joke that it’s the ‘kitchen religion.’

Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant follow an Indian ‘sattvic’ diet which emphasises seasonal foods, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, grains and non-meat-based proteins.

Their food is free from meat, fish and eggs and is cooked fresh daily. They bless each of their meals before serving it and offer a variety of vegan options as well.

Govinda’s menu is traditional Indian vegetarian with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, grains and lentils. They also offer buffet style meals of other international delights such as pizza, quiches and lasagne.

Govinda’s also offer patrons a loyalty card whereby if you dine 7 meals with them (minimum spend of £6) you will get the 8th meal for free!

Don’t delay, come on through to Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant and indulge in world famous cuisine, karma free and cooked daily with all the love and light that comes with Hare Krishna.

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