Biff’s Jack shack, hell-bent on making the most indulgent vegan junk food for the world’s amazing people, with the world’s weirdest fruit.

Living daily under the ‘Filthy AF, Vegan AF’ ethos, they firmly believe that their Vegan Junk food is drool-worthy and delicious with the added benefit of being completely cruelty-free.

Biff’s Jack Shake lies in the heart of Shoreditch Boxpark and they are on a serious mission to create innovative and playful food for both plant-based people and meat eaters as well.

The founders Biff and Christa began their journey in late 2016 when Biff became a Vegan. After eating many sad bean burgers, he decided to make his own fabulous and crazy invention of one out of other meat alternatives, namely the Jackfruit.

Practicing for months on end, Biff and Christa came up with their most delicious recipe ever, prompting Biff to quit his job and buy a food van instead. Fast forward to today and they have their fabulous Vegan Junk Food stall in the heart of Boxpark Shoreditch.

Although they haven’t slept much since, they have most certainly never looked back.

All Biff’s Jack Shack vegan burgers are made to order and the menu includes Jackfruit burgers such as the Samuel Hell Jackson, the Big Jack, The Jackaroo, The Jack Twist and much more (you’ll have to visit their website and take a look at their menu for more information.)

They also make vegan-tastic Vegan Wings, Chilli Bowls and Filthy Fries.

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