Vegan Restaurants In London

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Find vegan resturants, bakeries, plant-based artisans and more in London

With a diverse selection of vegan food options in London, you will be spoilt for choice in the captial city. Vegan cheese, bakeries, vegan restaurants and sweet vegan delights are easily accessible in this large, bustling metropolis. With more people more health-conscious and better aware of animal suffering in the agriculture sector than ever before, turning vegan in London is the new norm, and the plant-based options will only grow.

It’s clear that ethical eating is on the rise as veganism in London becomes more mainstream. The vegan restaurant and artisan markets are miles ahead and even meat eaters are becoming more tempted with the choices available. Delicious melt in your mouth vegan cheeses, plant-based honey and vegan chocolate delights are firm favourites in London, with more vendors onboarding day by day.

The vegan dining scene is also growing rapidly in London, to such an extent that its the new norm to find vegan restaurants amidst the traditional types, and you really will be spoilt for choice in the city. Many traditional restaurants are also serving more vegan food options, not just for those plant based, but for meat eaters that are looking to cut down consumption.

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