Santo Cuervo specialise in modern vegan tattoos that are specifically tailored for each client. Each of their tattoos is treated as a single work of art from beginning to end. By working closely with their clients, they make sure their customers vision and expectations are met. The main styles they use include watercolour, brushstroke, realism, blackwork and geometry.

Santo Cuervo tattoo’s provide their clients a welcoming atmosphere during their time at the tattoo parlour and pride themselves in using only the most ethical products on the market. All their inks, aftercare lotions, stencil paper, cleaning products and creams are vegan and cruelty free. Their product range includes items from brands such as Eternal, Fusion, Dynamic and Intenze inks.

Santo Cuervo also help with covering up or retouching existing tattoo’s, however this is only done after a face to face consult, and dependent on what the current tattoo looks like.

Their vegan tattoo prices range vastly dependent on the size and detail required in your tattoo. Customers can have a small design for £50 or a larger, more extravagant piece which can cost upward of £600+

Santo Cuervo provide customers a great breakdown of what they should be doing before, during and after getting a vegan tattoo.

Before: Ensure you get to bed early, sober and with a full stomach. This is your chance to eat that extra 5 pieces of toast and 3 bowls of Corn Flakes as this will help your body during and after the procedure. Arrive at the studio on time, and don’t be late for your appointment.

During: Be relaxed, even if that means brining your headphones and zoning out. Don’t talk on the phone, but snack as much as you like and stay hydrated. Most important, don't touch your vegan tattoo!

After: Leave your tattoo wrapped until you're home. Wash your hands, take off the wrapping and wash your tattoo gently with warm water and a bit of soap. Tap dry with paper towel. Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream, (just enough for your tattoo to be moisturised). Don't apply too much! Applying too much can lead to longer healing times.

Before going to bed, wrap your tattoo up, by the following morning it should be ok to leave open. After the first few days your tattoo will start to peel or scab, but do not pick or scratch it. Clean it and cream it two or three times a day for two weeks. During this time avoid exercise, don’t go swimming, use saunas or wear tight clothes. By the third week your tattoo should look settled and healed.

For the best vegan tattoo in town, visit Santo Cuervo now.

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