If you want to get leaner, cleaner and greener The Plant Powered PT is the right choice for you. Established by fitness instructor Adam Stansbury, he has been a personal trainer since 2009, and vegan personal trainer since 2014.

Adam is on a mission to help men and women get strong and get fit on a healthy plant-based diet and training program. His services include vegan nutrition coaching, online personal training and private one on one sessions as well.

His one on one workout sessions are fun, effective and fully adaptable to your busy schedule. He's created vegan workout plans using no equipment, and can accommodate outdoor workouts, indoor workouts and even workouts at gym (should you choose.) His one on one coaching sessions are available in both Kensington and Wandsworth so contact him now for effective vegan personal training.

Adam has also created a 90-day plant-based shred program, which helps you burn fat and lose weight within 90 days. His program aims to:

- Stimulate your metabolism whilst burning fat

- Teach customers to count nutrients, not calories and eat proper meals

- Stay motivated and accountable

- Provide you a flexible training program

Get a free ebook on the how, what and why of plant-based principles.

For vegan health, fitness and wellness contact Adam Stansbury, the vegan personal trainer who will teach you all there is to know about optimizing your body and mind on a vegan diet.

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