“The imprisonment, slavery, torture and murder of other animals occurs on a colossal scale in the name of greed and those that oppose it are currently in the overwhelming minority. Only by spreading the concepts of empathy, love and truth can we help others understand that we must make a change for our health, our planet and those that share it with us.”

Welcome to the Anticarnist, vegan activist clothing and apparel.

The Anticarnist is run by a single vegan hoping to change the world by using imagery, graphic design, marketing and retail to achieve the goals of a more compassionate world.

They stock men’s and women’s t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and headwear, all beautifully design and decorated with strong vegan and anti-cruelty messages. They also produce a range of accessories such as mugs, stickers, mirrors, pins, patches and more.

The Anticarnist aims to bring the morals of veganism to the world by providing a visual canvas their customers can wear to put strong anti-cruelty, activist messages in front of omnivores, in an attempt to make them reconsider their own dietary and lifestyle choices.

All their activist apparel is made from 100% organic cotton using vegan inks, and their packaging is fully recyclable and earth positive. As advocates for change, they ensure that all of their clothing is made by sweatshop-free suppliers who screen print everything by hand.

All clothing is available to buy via their website and at only, and 10% of all profits are donated to The Retreat Animal Rescue in Kent.

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