Welcome to Kinda Co. a specialist vegan cheese producer hand making all cheese. Ellie, the founder of Kinda Co. thought that ditching dairy would mean she could no longer enjoy the indulgence of one of her favourite foods...cheese.

However, after many days experimenting in her vegan kitchen, she began to develop dairy-free, plant-based cheeses that satisfied her cravings, and that’s how Kinda Co. was born.

Kinda Co. established in 2017 from humble roots, a one-woman band making vegan cheese in a little flat has now grown to a fullu commercial kitchen in East London with a small cheese making team.

They also have an online store, and trade their divine vegan fare at various markets across London and the South of England.

Their products include vegan farmhouse cheese made from cashews and coconut oil, white cheddar and cranberry cheese, feta inspired Greek-style vegan cheese made from almonds, cream cheeses and even vegan nacho dips.

All of their dairy-free cheeses are made using nuts (mainly cashew and almond nuts.) Their products also contain coconut oil, miso and mustards along with a variety of other herbs and spices.

Kinda Co. recommend that their artisan cheese be consumed within 2-3 weeks of purchase as they don’t use any preservatives.

They are also environmentally friendly and avoid using plastic in their packaging, opting for glass jars and bio-gradable wax paper instead.

A ethical vegans, they recycle everything they can and try reuse what they cant.

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