Cake, Biscotti, Cannoli, what more do you want from an Italian Artisan Bakery? The owners of Dolcetta were on the lookout for the best vegan cakes in London, to discover that the ‘best’ still left quite a lot of room for improvement.

This is where the baking journey began. Through extensive testing, trial and error, Dolcetta was born and today deliver succulent, rich and dairy-free cakes, cupcakes and other mouth-watering delicacies to their London customers. All products are dairy-free, meaning no eggs, milk or any other animal product is used in their baking.

They believe that going vegan is amazing and rewarding, and that’s why vegans deserve better cakes than any made with animal products. They have successfully adapted their traditional Italian recipes to transform their desserts and cakes into plant-based ones.

Their tasters (and they have many of these) say that the cakes and dishes available at Dolcetta are indistinguishable from their original dairy versions. All their dishes are hand-made, but as producing this way is by no means cheap or quick, at Dolcetta it’s all about the quality.

Dolcetta produces a range of delicious vegan cakes, cupcakes of varying sizes and are proud to have pioneered London’s fist vegan Cannoli. Each Cannoli shell is dipped in chocolate and coated in nuts (or left plain.) They are then filled with vegan ricotta, chocolate chips and sprinkled to your liking with nuts, chocolate or candied peel.

Dolcetta doesn’t have a physical store but do offer a pre-arranged collection point in Marylebone. Their baked goods can be purchased online and will be delivered throughout London roughly 48 hours from order.

Support local and ethical, support Dolcetta’s delicious vegan bakery, you truly won’t be disappointed.

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