Welcome to Cookies and Scream, a vegan and gluten-free bakery situated in the heart of North London on Holloway Road.

This vegan bakery was established in 2010 and offers the most delicious variety of sugary delights that are free from dairy, wheat, egg and gluten. Some of their products, however, do contain traces of nut and soya so should you be allergic please do let them know.

- Their product range includes the following:

- Cookies: Cookies at Cookies and scream are big, fun and packed with fruit and flaxseed. Their best sellers include their choc chip cookies as well as the Oatmeal Hombre which is gluten-free but packed with chocolate chips.

- Vegan Brownies: Cookies and Scream promise that all their brownies are vegan chocolatey and moist.

- Pies and Doughnuts: The vegan pies on offer include the Banoffee, Blue moon and Donnie Darko which is a delicious chocolate mousse pie that’s mint flavoured. Their doughnuts are oven bakes (not fried) which means they are light and moist. All doughnuts are server warm and come in a wonderful variety of flavours.

- ‘Scream’ Shakes: Their signature. These delicious shakes are a mix of vegan, gluten-free ice cream and vegan milk. Their vegan brownies or cookies are then blended into the mix to produce the most mouth-watering, tantalizing treat you can imagine.

Cookies and Scream are open Monday to Sunday, so come on through for a delicious Vegan treat

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