Welcome to Butter Nut Of London. Nut Butter is a relatively new concept but is a must-have for those healthy people who care about the environment and what they eat.

Butter Nut Of London sells is delicious fare at the Borough Market in London as well as through their online shop. They are committed to making nutritional, sustainable and animal free food and source all ingredients through ethical means.

They endeavour to reduce wastage and as such purchase all the broken and misshapen nuts and seeds that most big brands would overlook. Despite their outward appearance, these poor nuts are also chockfull of protein and healthy fats (and often are tastier than their more ‘attractive’ counterparts.)

All Butter Nut Of London’s fare is vegan and organic and they never use palm oil or any refined sugars in their Nut butters. Furthermore, all their packaging is also 100% recyclable.

To support small, ethical business, why not come on down to the Borough Market and try some of Butter Nut Of London’s tasty, creamy and super healthy Nut butter.

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