Veganism In the UK

Veganism in the UK has exploded over the past years. The cities, towns and regions have given birth to not only vegan restaurants, but vegan pubs, bakeries, doughnut shops and even meat-free festivals and conferences. Furthermore, many vegan activist groups have emerged with massive followings, demanding the end to animal cruelty, promoting animal-free lifestyles and even attempting to get government to impose taxes on meat consumption.

Vegan - First and foremost, for the animals

But with a locality as open, vocal and diverse as the UK, who could expect anything less? Many Michelin starred chefs have also come on board to create plant based menus, including the likes of Theo Randall, Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton. But you don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy a plant based meal. There are many vegan restaurants throughout that are not only affordable, but delicious as well.

Vegan Indulgance

Looking for something sweet or savoury? The amount of vegan cheeses, vegan bakeries, cupcakes, chocolatiers and other vegan artisans that have emerged throughout the UK is staggering. With world renowned vegan cheese and chocolate now at your doorstep, the capital city of London is one of the best places for those looking to indulge in delicious, mouth-watering cruelty free creations.

Vegan Lifestyle

Not only do we promote vegan restaurants, but vegan fitness and healthy living as well. In the UK, health is of utmost importance to its citizens, and there are a variety of running clubs, personal trainers, yoga studios and many more businesses that offer vegans a cruelty free way of getting fit.

Vegan Fashion

If you are looking for vegan fashion, the UK has it all. There are many vegan businesses, as well as online stores that offer customers animal free products. Some of these animal-free items include vegan shoes, clothing, jewellery and accessories. At Fresh Earth, we aim to bring these businesses to the fore so that they too have a place to be seen, heard and to showcase their wonderful wares.

Vegan - Becuase our bodies are not meant to be tombs

Veganism in the UK

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