About Us

Live Cruelty Free, Sacrifice Nothing...

We are Fresh Earth, your guide to all thing’s kind. We’re a brand new initiative established by people passionate about kind, animal-free and ethical business practice.

Our aim is simple, to put cruelty free businesses, products and services in front of the conscious consumer and to encourage others to lead a vegan lifestyle.

By showcasing vegan restaurants, cosmetics, cruelty-free clothing, vegan artisans and other vegan businesses, we hope to show the world that its easy to live a cruetly-free life, without sacrificing a thing.

We promote animal cruelty-free businesses, that include but are not limited to:

  • - Vegan and vegan friendly restaurants
  • - Cruelty free make up and beauty products
  • - Vegan clothing
  • - Vegan artisan’s
  • - Alternative healing and conscious living

Many of our listings have been independently sourced from the web, and all images and information that’s used is only done so for the businesses they represent. We strive for information correctness, and apologize for any misrepresentation. Please contact us if anything in our listings is misleading or inaccurate. Furthermore, should you not want any representation on our site please get in touch.

Worth a mention that we do host ads on our site, and should you be interested in a more comprehensive, custom business listing please contact us for more.